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LinkedIn Profile Scraping

LinkedIn is without doubt the most popular professional networking site at the moment. Despite being around for barely a decade, it has already amassed over 160 million users from different professional backgrounds. Any shrewd businessman will agree that there can't be a better pool to sample professional data from. This is why LinkedIn profile scraping is slowly becoming a popular trend. Unfortunately, finding a reliable company to handle such levels of advanced scarping hasn't been that easy. However, all this is set to change as you can now access profile scraping services from the comfort of your home.

Excellent Services
At, you will find the finest LinkedIn profile scraping services money can buy. Our talented team of scraping experts will work round the clock just to make sure you can make the most precious inferences from the millions of profiles on the network. This could not only simplify recruitment of your employees but could also boost your marketing strategies that target the professional community. Furthermore, the customer care experience is nothing you have met before. This is because we understand that we are here to serve our clients so there interests are always protected at all costs.

Affordable Charges
There are quite a number of sites that offer LinkedIn profile scraping services online. However, this does not mean that getting one you can trust is going to be any easy. Majority of these sites will bill you extortive charges for blow par services. Despite our high standards of service, you do not need to break the bank to afford them. Our large scale operation has enabled us to enjoy economies of scale that will always reflect in the rates we charge. If you are looking for experienced hands to carry out your LinkedIn profile scraping, you can't afford to turn anywhere else.

Website Data Scraping is equipped with latest tools and technology to capture data from linkedin. We can scrape both profile and company details from linkedin.

Linkedin Profile Scraping
- Name
- Designation
- Company Name
- Location
- Industry
- Current
- Past
- Education
- Websites
- Public Profile URL
- Experience

Company Information Scraping
- Company Name
- Company Description
- Type
- Company Size
- Website URL
- Industry
- Founded
- Headquarters

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